Highlights of the Week – 6/18/12

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Highlights of the Week

We’ve compiled a handful of articles we read this past week below.

Justin Lee recorded his BEA experience on his iPhone. Want to know what it was like? Watch his video. With appearances by Brian McLaren, Shane Hipps, and Jay Bakker.

• A powerful story — Shari Johnson shares her experiences on the Huffington Post: Christians Can Change Their Minds On Homosexuality

Shari says: “I had always known that I had a problem with unconditional love, but I thought if I followed all the “rules” and “worked” for God and his Kingdom, I would get a pass on the love thing. I didn’t.”

When ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ Is Not Enough author Lillian Daniel reflects on grief.

She writes: “When death hits us, we are never prepared. Even when we know the end is near, when we can see the storm on the horizon, when it hits, it still feels like a tsunami. For one thing, most of us don’t have a lot of experience losing a deeply beloved one. We tend to have a short list of lives whose loss would be most ultimately devastating. How do you practice for the loss of a husband? Or a parent? Or a child? There is no way to be prepared.” Read more.

• Steve Knight is having a missional church conversation. What do you think about the shift in the missional church?

Young Adults are Demanding a Missional Shift

• Relevant Magazine talks same-sex marriage, putting two experts in the spotlight, one on either side of the issue.

Amongst Christians, the same-sex marriage debate becomes even more intense, proving divisive in both policy and theology spheres. … [W]hat does Scripture say about homosexual unions? And what bearing, if any, should Scripture have on the law? On both sides of the issue, believers are striving to determine how their faith should inform their political beliefs. Today, Christians from either side of the aisle share their views. Read more.

• Lillian Daniel preached at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. last weekend. You can watch the service here.

• Publishers Weekly talks about the Jericho launch at BEA.

With Jericho, part of Hachette’s Nashville Division, publisher Wendy Grisham wants to “keep the conversation going across the divide between the religious right and left.”

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