Jericho Authors at Wild Goose Festival 2014

We couldn’t be anymore excited about this year's jubilee of authors, activists and musicians at the 2014 Wild Goose Festival. Whether standing in front of a stage or around the campfires, we look forward to discussing justice, spirituality, music and art. Our own list of Jericho Book authors will be joining in the festivities as well, so make sure you stop by and introduce yourself…maybe we can even roast a marshmallow together! Wild Goose kicks off today and goes through Sunday. For a full schedule of events, visit:   Brian McLaren, author of We Make the Road by Walking, Why Did Jesus, Moses, The Keep Reading

Searching for the Masculine Heart with John Sowers

The Heroic Path was born in the hospital, the night my twin daughters were born. I was thrilled but afraid. Exposed. That night, I wrote my thoughts down in a journal. And in the coming weeks, I searched for models - for man guides - for help and guidance. As I looked, I realized we have rare few elders, no rites of passage for manhood and no framework for masculine initiation. We don't even have language for it. So most men gravitate towards or away from the stereotypes: Huge Pickup Truck Guy. Gym Guy. Fantasy Football Guy. Video-Game Guy. MotherBoy. Keep Reading

Exclusive Excerpt from WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING: The Spirit is Moving! (Pentecost Sunday)

Pentecost is this Sunday, June 8. To celebrate, we're sharing Brian McLaren's incredible chapter on Pentecost in this exclusive excerpt from WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING. We hope you (and your friends) will use these powerful reflections and engaging discussion questions to make this year's Pentecost meaningful, soul-igniting, and transformative. Don't miss WE MAKE THE ROAD BY WALKING on June 10! +++++ CHAPTER FORTY THE SPIRIT IS MOVING! (PENTECOST SUNDAY)   John 3:1–21 Acts 2:1–41 Romans 6:1–14 Following Jesus today has much in common with the original disciples’ experience. We are welcomed as disciples by God’s grace, not by earning or status. We learn and practice Christ’s Keep Reading

Praise for THE HEROIC PATH: On Sale Today!

THE HEROIC PATH is on sale today--and people are raving about it! Check out the book that New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff called "Witty and insightful," and superstar Kelly Clarkson praised for being "Honest, and full of Keep Reading

Top Five Stereotypes That Keep Men From Measuring Up

John Sowers is the president of the nation's top mentoring program for fatherless youth--but for years he felt "like a poser," struggling with feelings of inadequacy as a man, husband, and father. Manhood felt like a "role" he was trying to fill, comparing himself to ideal (or as he describes it, "guys [who] had big jawlines, and were taller than me,") to which he could never quite measure up. And he's not alone. "We've all seen different guys play the role," he writes So what does it mean to be a man--and who are men trying to be? John outlines Keep Reading

Video: Shane Hipps

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Shen Hipps, author of Selling Water By the River talks about the book and what it means to us, to religion, and to Jesus Christ’s mission and message.

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Video: Justin Lee

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Torn author Justin Lee discusses the importance of the conversation about the question of homosexuality as it impacts individual lives, people, and the church.

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Video: Brian McLaren

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Brian McLaren, author of Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? talks about the book’s title and why this book is so important to the greater conversation about Christian identity in a multi-faith world.

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